At BEST Compliance we will: 
• Always be passionate about delivering the very best customer experience 
• Always give you honest and helpful advice on all our services 
• Offer you the service that is right for you, not right for us 
• Make your problem our problem 
• Understand what you expect from us and work hard to deliver results every time 
• Respond quickly to all your enquiries and deliver results 
Our promise 
We will provide you with great service because we are passionate about what we do and promise to always give you honest and helpful advice. We do this by finding out what you expect from us and working long and hard to deliver results. We will also respond quickly to all your enquiries and will really listen to what you want, value your feedback and take it on board. 
We think companies that say they get the service experience right 100% of the time are either lying or don't understand their own business. But what we always do 100% of the time is care about the service we deliver. We incentivise our staff to not just deliver on sales figures but on our service promises. If we make a mistake, we won't hide it, we'll put our hands up and fix it - at our expense. If you think we could do something better, just tell us. And guess what, because we try so hard, most of the time we do get it right and have a lot of happy customers. 
Our professionalism 
We are members of most major professional bodies within the sectors we work, so our clients can put their trust in us completely. We have experience with working with the major commercial agents in the country and delivering results from a single building to a property portfolio in the most difficult circumstances. 
We value the importance of staff training. All our staff undertake professional industry qualifications, not just the management team.  
This means that you can be sure of a knowledgeable and professional service from us all. We continually look for new and innovative approaches to making your property comply with all legislation. 
All-round property expertise 
We don't just specialise in one area, we have excellent knowledge and expertise in most property sectors. We understand most commercial agencies; solicitors or landlords will already have their own providers in place, what we do ask is that you keep an open mind as we believe we can out perform our competition and give you real value for your money. 
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