Why use Thermographic Testing 
It is relatively easy to make arrangements to disconnect small installations such as domestic properties from their supply to facilitate periodic inspection and testing in particular to get the Ze result. However, as the size and complexity of an installation increases, isolation of the supply becomes increasingly difficult. This is particular true where continuity of supply has for instance health implications in care homes or financial implications in banks or data servers in offices, Nevertheless it remains necessary to confirm the continuing suitability of such installations for use, therefore they must still be subject to planned and preventive maintenance or regular periodic assessment of their condition. 
Defects can not always be discovered by visual inspection alone, for example, incorrectly tightened connections, these can result in a high resistance joints which can then cause a high temperature to occur and if left alone over time further deterioration will occur leading to a continued build up in temperature which will create a fire risk. 
Infra-red imaging equipment can perform thermographic testing to identify such hot spots, thermography works on the principle that all materials emit electromagnetic radiation in the infra-red region which can be detected by a thermal imaging camera. The amount of radiated energy detected can be presented in a readily usable form typically being shown as differences in colour that vary with temperature being detected. 
Thermographic surveys can be a highly effective means of targeting preventive maintenance to where it is most required, defects identified may be factored into the planned maintenance programme for the installation or where necessary may justify the remedial work being performed without delay 

Different Types of Thermographic Testing 

B.E.S.T Ltd provide a number of different types of Thermo graphic testing. 
• Electrical thermography 
• Building surveys 
• Condition surveys 
• Leak detection 

What do I get from Thermographic Testing 

On completion of survey a full colour report is provided showing thermal images highlighting any areas of concern. From this report the seriousness of the fault can be determined and corrective action can be taken. 
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