The inspection carried out by an Accredited BEST Compliance Assessor will include an assessment of efficiency, a review of the air conditioning system sizing and advice on efficiency, improvements, replacements or alternative solutions. 
The air conditioning inspection report will include at least the following details: 
• The likely efficiency of the system and any suggestions made for improvement, 
• Any faults identified during the inspection and suggested actions, 
• The adequacy of equipment maintenance and any suggestions for improvement, 
• The adequacy of the installed controls and control settings and any suggestions made for Improvement, 
• The current size of the installed system in relation to the cooling load any suggestions for Improvement, 
• Summary of the findings and the key recommendations. 


All air conditioning systems with an effective rated output of more than 12kw, which can amount to as little as two air conditioning cassettes, must be regularly inspected by an Energy Assessor. All inspections should have taken place by January 2011, and any property that falls within the requirements that fails to have had an inspection will be fined £300 per space. If you are a tenant in a multiple occupancy building and control your own system this still applies. 

The Purpose 

The purpose of the inspection report is to ensure that the building owner or manager is provided with information regarding the efficiency of the air conditioning systems that they control, together with advice on how to improve the energy efficiency of the system, to identify opportunities to save energy and to reduce operating costs. 
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