BEST Compliance will initially chair a clients brief meeting where we come to you, or organise a meeting, where we can discuss the initial ideas being put forward by the client to ascertain feasibility and affordability, if the client feels confident in moving forward B.E.S.T undertakes a thorough property assessment by firstly undertaking a desktop study of the project site looking into the history and context of the site and its surroundings. We research the local planning authority responsible for the site to establish what other similar applications have been proposed, accepted and refused in the past, we then examine the listed buildings register and heritage register to ascertain whether the building is protected and affects the planning proposal. Following this we undertake a locality assessment; a site survey is carried out to gather all dimensions and required information of the existing site. 
Once this process is complete we hold a second client meeting to discuss findings and any suggested alterations to the initial design, after the proposed CAD drawings are prepared and are forwarded to the client for approval. All the planning documents are prepared taking into account the adopted Local Development Plan (LDP). Once everything is finalised and approved by the client the application is then submitted to the local council for planning approval. Please note – B.E.S.T cannot guarantee that planning permission will be granted. 

A full Application Includes the following 

All existing drawings relevant to the project (floor plans, elevations, sections, site plans) scaled to the required standards, 
All proposed drawings. (floor plans, elevations, sections, site plans) scaled to the required standards, 
A detailed planning statement design and access statement/ heritage report if required, 
Aerial Photo and an Ordnance Survey Map, 
Application forms, Notification letters, 
Once planning permission has been granted the CAD drawings are configured and adjusted to provide building regulations and detailed and technical drawings required for building control approval. B.E.S.T will then submit these to the relevant authority and also submit to the local water board if the proposed work goes over any sewer. 
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