A definition of a sustainability report is the environmental assessment method for rating and certifying the performance of a building. It takes into account 9 factors that impact on the environment. 
1.Energy and CO2 emission’s 
2.Water usage 
3.Materials used in construction 
4.Surface water run off 
7.Health and wellbeing 
8.Management of the building 
9.Impact on the surrounding ecology 
Each of these categories include a number of environmental issues, each issue has a given environmental impact. These are assessed against a series of performance target indicators to give the building a rating of compliance. The highest level of sustainability is equivalent to a zero carbon emission building. The higher the rating of a building the greater the rental potential/yield or the more sought after the property will be on the open market. Along with providing a rating, our report will provide you with solutions/suggestions to increase the potential rating of the building in order to achieve a higher level of sustainability. 
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