Why BESTcompliance 
Whilst we give scenarios on the EPC alpha plus on ways to obtain a specific grade, each scenario is specific to its primary service with that either being, lighting, fabric, HVAC, or a combination. When we undertake the project management we have the ability to mix the scenarios (i.e. do a bit of lighting and a bit of HVAC) to best achieve the outcome weather that being financially or energy efficient in some cases you can save upto 45% off the total cost. 
Whilst other companies will also be able to manage your upgrade, Bestcompliance project management is specific to the EPC and MEPS legislation. We are the only project managers with an in-depth knowledge of how the program works and can pass the cost savings on to our clients. 
The BEST Guarantee 
We are so confident in our abiliites to lower project costs we guarantee that our service will be cheaper than other project managment firms as we will endevour to use our extensive experience from over 3000 commercial EPCs to only upgrade relevant appliances and services 

Example of how we can help! 

Typical example of a job we have just completed... an electrical company were contracted to undertake the lighting upgrade on an industrial warehouse, and this warehouse after completion still came out as an F grade on the EPC. The owner has since asked for a reason behind the grade, as he spent over £5000 on the upgrade. Our response entailed that whilst his new lighting is up to standard and professionally done, the lack of knowledge on the energy efficiency on the bulbs and the switching gear together with the existing lighting still being used meant that very little upgrade has actually been achieved. If they would have used bestcompliance we would have stipulated that the strip lights would have to achieve a certain light output ratio and removal of all of the older lighting system and the use of occupancy sensors in certain areas of the building. If that landlord would have used bestcompliance he would now have an EPC rating of a D for almost the same financial expenditure, this building will now fall foul of MEPS in 2018 and the landlord will have to spend again to upgrade. 

What BESTcompliance can do for you 

If you look after a property portfolio, or a single property, BESTcompliance can help, we relieve the stress of the landlord and project manage from Alpha plus to snagging defect period end. We can either use landlord funds or best guide for any available grants or incentives to achieve your goal. If we undertake the project management bestcomplaince will deduct the cost of the initial survey from the works costs, in reality we undertake the EPC alpha plus for free, instantly saving a minimum of £200. 

BESTCompliance stages of Project Management  

Below shows possible steps to our project management solution, the list is not exhaustive 
Client Brief 
We hold a client meeting to discuss the brief; this is the client’s goals, budget, time constraints and any other factors. 
Project design 
Here we undertake a study of how to best undertake the works and what works will apply best to the SBEM programme. For instance we know where we have to and don’t have to heat areas, this will save on the EPC. 
Once the client is happy with the design and modifications we can draw up a works specification including preliminaries, preambles and work section. 
We always send out the specification out to tender to a minimum of three suitable contractors, the tender will have a time period and all tenders will have to be received by this date to be considered. 
Tender Analysis 
This is a crucial stage of the project, here we look for any discrepancies in the costs as these normally mean that shortcuts have been undertaken around the specification. At the end of this period we recommend the contractor we think that will best undertake the work, it’s not always the cheapest tender that wins. 
Award of contract 
We always use the JCT contract with it either being the minor works or intermediate contract, we fill the contract that’s legally binding and get each party to sign the conditions set out in it. 
Project management 
At each stage of the works, inspections will be made to ensure the contractor is fulfilling their obligation and no items are left off or at a substandard detail. 
Contract Administration 
As the client will not want to release the entire works total at the start of the project, BEST will release the funds in stages of completion via certificates of payment or contract instructions. 
Project Completion 
Once the work has been signed off as fully completed and the client is happy BEST deliver site control back to the client. 
Snagging Period 
The final percentage of the total works is held back until a defect period has expired; in this period any teething problems will be remedied by the contractor that was responsible to fit it. This gives your works guarantee; this can only be implemented due to the contract signed earlier in the project. Once all this snagging is complete final payment is made and BEST issue a completion letter to the client. 
If you think you can benefit from our approach please get in touch for a no obligation conversation. 
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