Feed In Tariff (FIT Survey) West Midlands 

Do you require a Feed In Tariff in the West Midlands 

Do you want solar panels installed on your commercial premises than you will firstly need a Feed In Tariff (FIT). This is a commercial EPC on your property that will dictate what tariff you are put on. 
BEST Compliance have a vast background in Feed In Tariff surveys (FIT) and can accurately give you the grade of your building. 
We have just finished a bout of surveys for Schools and Leisure centres in the area. 
For any more information regarding Feed In Tariffs in the West Midlands please use the contact button above or even better the quote button below. 

About Feed in Tariffs 

Feed-in Tariffs were introduced on 1 April 2010, and replaced UK government grants, as the main financial incentive to encourage uptake of renewable electricity-generating technologies. Most technologies qualify for the scheme, including: 
Solar electricity (PV) (roof mounted or stand alone) 
Wind turbines (building mounted or free standing) 
Anaerobic digesters 
Micro combined heat and power (CHP) 
The UK Government's Department for Energy and Climate Change (DECC) makes the key decisions on FITs in terms of government policy. The energy regulator Ofgem administers the scheme. 
Your energy supplier will make the FITs payments to you. The large energy suppliers are required by law to provide them; smaller suppliers are not, but many have opted to offer them anyway. 
For you to qualify for FITs, the installer and the products you use must both be certified under the Microgeneration Certification Scheme (MCS), except hydro and anaerobic digestion which have to go through the ROO-FIT process. The tariffs you receive depend on both the eligibility date and, for solar PV, your property’s Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) rating. 
For any Solar FIT a Energy Performance Certificate will be required, BEST Compliance can help you gain this vital certificate so that you can further progress with your renewable project. For a Commercial Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) please click here or contact us 
For a better explanation on FITs please click here 

Previous Feed In Tariff Work 

BEST Compliances previous FIT work have involved many buildings from office blocks all the way through to Schools. Below shows just a few of our most recently completed jobs. 

Solar Panel Tariffs 

Once you are receiving FIT payments, the rate you receive will increase in line with inflation in accordance with the Retail Price Index (RPI). 
Evidence of property’s EPC rating will be required when applying for FITs. If no evidence showing the EPC has a band D or higher then the lower rate will apply. 
The tariff period (lifetime) is now 20 years. 
The tariffs are to be reviewed every three months and will be revised according to deployment rates. 

Hydro, wind and micro CHP tariffs 

For hydro, wind and micro-CHP: 
Evidence of property’s EPC rating is not required for these technologies. 
The tariff period is 20 years for hydro and wind, 10 years for micro-CHP. 
Microhydro (<50kW) accreditation has to go through the ROO-FIT process not MCS. 
The definition of 'hydro generating station' has been extended to include small tidal projects. 

Latest Solar Tariffs 

For the latest Solar feed in tariffs please click Here  

BEST Compliance Video Ad for FITs 

Please click to watch a short video on Feed In Tariffs and how BEST Compliance can help you. 
For a larger screen and access to more helpful videos and literature please visit the BEST Compliance Portal 

Are you worried about the potential Tariff rate your property will achieve? 

If your like the large percentage of commercial building owners/ agents who are interested in solar panels but only if they can achieve the higher tariff BEST Compliance have the solution. We call it the EPC F.I.T Plus, for more information please follow this link below. 



What BEST can do for you 

BEST are expert Energy Performance Certificate provider's and pride ourselves that we have a proven track record of working for the most prestigious international companies.  
We can give the most accurate EPC on the market, as we look into every aspect of your building and leave no stone unturned.  
With commercial Energy Performance Certificates prices starting at £130 call us for a friendly chat. 
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