Why use aerial photography  

Drones offer an affordable service normally associated with high end buildings and projects. the ability to have aerial photos taken using the state of the art 4k High Definition cameras at a reasonable price enables our clients to market properties much more effectively. The secondary use we provide are for roof surveys. BEST Compliance have building surveyors on board who know exactly what to look for and saves on the hundreds of pounds hiring a Truck Mounted Articulated Boom Lift and the time and distance travelling for employees to undertake the survey. there are many of uses but these are our most popular uses. 

Why use BEST Compliance 

Unlike most drone pilots (Hobbyists) out their BEST Compliance have drone pilots that are fully trained, certified by the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) and most importantly Insured. Our pilots have logged many hours of flying time and are highly experienced building surveyors / engineers, so they know exactly what to look for. 
The drones BEST Compliance use are high spec drones but at a reasonable small size, this enables us to get to vantage points some of our older larger drones couldn’t get to and they are kitted out with full GPS and 4k cameras. the size is also been chosen as there is a much smaller risk on our risk assessments we have to undertake before every flight. 

Im an Real / Estate Agent what beneifit does an aerial shot give me? 

One of the most frequently asked question we receive, the answer is simple. Today’s market is primarily online via search engines, each listing will have a cover photo and gallery backed up behind it as you are all fully aware. Its industry recognised that the primary photo means a lot, and in that instance the viewer will either click on it or move on. If you have a good cover photo the chances of visibility will be massively increased. 
It also helps the viewer understand the boundaries allotted to the property, as it can all be visible, so it also stops any unnecessary viewings wasting both the agents and clients time. 

 How much does this cost 

At BEST Compliance we have built our reputation on our fair prices and will continue to do so. Prices for Drone photography start from £99 + VAT depending on location. However, as we undertake multiple surveys if tied with our EPC's or Lease plans for example we can come to an arrangement to discount the price. 


Obviously, we can’t fly in specific air space, for instance around airports, on some occasions we won’t be able to fly and unfortunately, we won’t be able to offer this service. Whilst this can be a bit of a pain we fully agree with the Drone code as safety must come first. it’s always BEST to ring us and state your location we can then see if it is safe to fly or if we need to ring the local airport tower for clearance. the maximum height in the UK we can fly is 120m above take-off area. 
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